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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I HAVE A QUESTION AND WANT ALL OF YOUR OPINIONS... I am trying to decide if I should make my blog private. I have heard all of these scary stories about stalkers and everything. I can not decide if these are like the mormon stories that always go around. I like the idea of old friends being able to find you. I have come in contact with a few old friends that I never would have found other then an open blog. The idea of having to gather everyones emails and send them invites sounds like a headache. I missed a few friend invites to their private blog and now I can not get a hold of them. I just want my girls to be safe. If you have switched over did you just put your Email on the blog and tell everyone that wants to be invited to email you. I do not have half of the friends emails... What is your opinion???

Monday, May 26, 2008

Skiing at Sundance...

We decided to take all the grandkids on my side skiing. They absolutely loved it. Addie was not scared at all and wanted to go on the big lift and not on the bunny hill. I was about a month and a half along with the pregnancy when we went so I was so out of shape I thought I might die. Capris did very well also. She was little worried the first time but after that she was laughing. Dave has really taken on Snowboarding. When we first met I was the skier and he was not because he grew up in Cali and BYU would not let him go under contract. It is totally different now. He goes all the time and is really good. I hardly ever go and do not have the muscles to get me down the mountain. It is hard when you are always pregnant or have to watch the kids to be able to go. Needless, to say I loved being up on the mountain. We are so proud of our two little girls for doing so well. We are also proud of dad for taking up a new sport and doing so well so fast.
I am Back!!!!
I know some of you may have thought that I died... In my mind I almost did. J/K I will give you the quick story of where I have been. After Christmas I decided to get caught up on my scrap-booking. I have 6,000 photos on my mac. I decided to do it the easy way on the mac photo shop. You just drag and type below the picture. Not as cute as I would like but there is no way I can catch up. My problem is that I want every picture and moment to be in their book so I am not good at picking out just a few for the year. Plus, I am not good at keeping a journal so this is my way of journaling and scrap-booking. Anyways, I decided that my blog would have to be put on hold until I was done. Needless to say I am still not done... But I am getting close. Then we found out we were pregnant and I got really sick. Not as bad as i was with the other girls but it was still not fun. I finally started to feel better about a month ago. Then I was busy putting our life and house back together after being sick which took me about a month. Things are getting back to normal. So, I am back and will try to catch everyone up on what we have been doing. Yes we are pregnant for those of you that do not know already and we are so excited.

Yes, we are having a baby!!!