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Friday, December 14, 2007

We had so many darling family members come to support her. Tiffany and Chris, Mimi and Papa, Lulu and Stacie ( jeff was there to support but had to sit in the car because they could not find a parking. thanks jeff!!), Mimi and Papa, and Capris,Daddy, and Mommy. We love you guys so much. XOXO

We have been very busy this month with Addie's performances. She is in a little singing group a Center Stage and the have been singing in different places like The festival of trees, retirement homes, Provo town center, The Gateway museum, and a few ward parties. We have had so much fun being her groupies. i can not believe she is old enough to have her won solo ( Oh Christmas Tree). We are such proud parents. Capris has been such a good girl supporting her sister. She can now sing all of the words to Addie"s songs and duringthe performance she sings them on my lap.( Really loud) so cute!!

daveandshelby.blogspot.com Sorry it has taken Us so long to renew the Blog. I have so much fun reading everyone's bog that i never get to mine. The other night Dave (the greatest dad ever) hooked up the sled to the four wheeler and drove the girls to the park to go sledding. WE had so much fun. It was really dark and late but it is one of those memories that you will cherish forever. i love my little family so much. We love to do things on a whim. This Christmas we have tried to slow down and spend more time with the kids. We have tried not to stress about getting gifts and enjoy the season. It has been amazing, watching christmas movies with the girls, having hit chocolate any chance we can get. We are just so thankful these holidays for the love we have for each other and others.