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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


What a wonderful holiday for our little family to have in this crazy life we have been living in. I feel like I get so crazy with all of the Doctor appointments and everything else I have going on that I forget to sit a think about how thankful i am for our little family. This year i have to say that Thanksgiving has taken on a whole new meaning to me. While on bed rest I would be thankful for every minute, hour, day and week we had with this little boy. Not knowing if we would be able to keep him made us appreciate every second we had. It also made me realize that I need to slow down in life and be thankful for a wonderful Husband and two beautiful daughters. I am someone that always looks to the future. This year my goal is to slow down and enjoy the now. So Happy Thanksgiving everyone and try to enjoy the now....

CALLING ALL PRIVATE BLOGGERS!!!!! Does anyone else think that blogger needs to find a way that you can leave a message to a private blogger?

Hello Family and Friends. I am finally finding time to blog again and I started to update all of the blogs that were not on our friends list. Everyone left so many cute comments to us on behalf of Boston and I cannot thank half of you because you are private.. I am not saying that is a bad thing. I am thinking of going private myself. Now, I am a little slow and have not responded to ANYONES private invites, so if you are private and have sent me an invite please send me another one..... I promise I will accept... I know there are probably some of you who do not want to invite us and that is fine, I know we are not that cool. If you do not see your name on our friend list and you are private that is because it would not let me add you. So I promise that we do want you as a friend. My email is shelbyc@broadweave.net. I think that you send an invite through the email??? I am gong to wait one month and try to go private so send me your emails if you want to make the cut... Just kidding, but really send me your emails. XOXO Shelby