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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thanks Giving Point Fair

The Thanks Giving fair was only 93 cents on friday and saturday so we decided that since we have only been in the house and the hospital we should get out. It was so nice to spend some time with the girls and Dave. The poor girls probably feel like they will never have their mom back. Normally it is 10 dollars a person so we had to go. The girls had so much fun that we went the next night. Dave had a meeting so I went with the girls. We had so much fun and ran into so many of our friends. I Love the fall. Everything seems so cozy.


I am finally updating the progress of Boston. Sorry it took me so long. WE really appreciate all of you that check the blog all the time to see how he is doing. He is doing well. Today they are going to do and Eco cardiogram. He had a valve that has never closed so they are going to see if it has closed yet. They also found what they think to be a whole between two of the atrium's. So, they are checking on both of those today and we should find out today or Thursday. The doctors love to take their time on the results. It's not like we are holding our breath or anything while we wait... He has a minimal amount of damage to his eyes. WE figure we can do contacts or glasses just fine. He will have those checked sometime in the next few days for a final result. They have finally ruled out that their is anything wrong with the kidneys. At first they thought that he had hydrocephalus ( the urine goes back into the kidneys and causes kidney infections). Then a few days ago his blood pressure was high so they thought that his kidneys were not working. We just crossed both of those off the list yesterday Yeah... He does have what they call chronic lunge disease but we will not know how bad it is for a few years. The doctors don't think it will be to bad. Maybe asthma and we will have to watch him really closely in the winters. He will be really susceptible to a common cold that could get really bad for him. He just passed his hearing test... He is on the lowest setting of oxygen. The doctors say that if lived at a lower elevation he would probably be off. Last but not least the only thing that is keeping him in the hospital unless we get bad results on the heart is feeding. He has to take a 75% feeding from a bottle or from mom. He is just not picking it up. All of the nurses call him the turtle because all he does is sleep. We can not get him to wake up to eat. He has to wake up at least every four hours to eat on his own before he can go home, but no mister turtle loves to be fed through the tube while he sleeps. He is 6lbs 4 oz. He does have acid reflux so I think it hurts to eat. As soon as he gets that down for 48 hours he can come home. We have been working on it for weeks so who knows how long we will be up there. Okay so we covered all of the major organs in the body. I was telling my friend the other day that we only have a few more organs to cross off our list Heart, Lungs, Eyes, Kidneys. She said " so pretty much everything". We are so proud of this little man for being such a fighter and we will take him in any condition...


Capris gets so sad everytime Addie goes to school. She wanted to be a cowgirl just like her sister. We could not get her to take off the hat for days. She loves to do the I Love You sign for pictures but it comes out looking like a punk rocker. We are in it for the long hall with this one...



Addie had cowboy days at school so they had to dress up. She was so excited!!!


Boston's First Bath!!! We swaddled him in a blanket and then put him in the warm water since he is a sensitive boy. He was in heaven. THe nurse was really cute and helped me take pictures and record it.


Addie and Capris came up to visit Boston the other day. On the way up CApris kept telling us that she was scared and holding her hand. WE could not figure out what she was saying until we got there. She was afraid to put her hand in the hole in the Isollete. After a little encouragement and a demonstration from her big sister she realized that the Isolette would not eat her hand.... At the end of their 15 min visit they had all of the nurses rolling on the ground. Addie kept pulling out her ( what she calls Hanatizer). The nurse Heidie told them that the Isolette is like an oven keeping him warm. A few minutes later Capris looked at her and asked " is he done yet". From that moment on our girls are know as the oven girls. Every time we get a new nurse they say " I know you, you are the one with the oven girls". We are just so proud of Addie and Capris and all they have sacrificed. It is hard to see your children go through such a hard trial at a young age. Capris said in bed last night " I am glad that you are not in the hospital anymore". When I first got home she kept saying " Mom, Your all better". Addie still asks if I am going back. It breaks my heart but we have become a closer family because of it and for that we are thankful...

The Best Sisters in the whole world!!!
Addie and Capris came to the hospital to visit Boston. They are so funny... All of the nurses just love them.